Requested by @eetak
  1. This was my first profile pic
    Skeptical of new app, didn't want to reveal my full face, but also show that I'm a human (that took a picture of her faded eye makeup upon returning home late one night-you've all done it)
  2. Then @thebestSR demanded that I show my face so I changed it to this!
  3. Current picture:
  4. No, that's not me!
  5. My current picture was taken when I went out for dinner and drinks and drinks with some friends to celebrate my 35th birthday.
  6. I was generously gifted a princess wand and tiara as a joke (I'm so NOT a princess!)
  7. I went along with it because I was also gifted with wine, beer, and because I'm a good sport!
  8. Fast- forward a few hours into the night to when we saw a wedding party come into the cocktail bar we were at.
    A pretty frequent occurrence where I live, even in February!
  9. A bridesmaid of the wedding party walked up and nicely handed me her bouquet of flowers and said, "Here, enjoy these!"
    She most likely thought it was the saddest Bachelorette Party Ever or my 21st birthday (that's right- I'm flawless)!
  10. Later, a friend of mine took a picture of me and I lifted the flowers just in time to cover half of my face!
  11. I kind of liked the picture so I made it my profile pic.
  12. I woke up the next day, still kind of liked it so I kept it as my profile pic!
  13. That's the story of my profile pic! Thanks for asking @eetak