1. I was up late and got up this morning and went straight to work with 23 10-year olds
  2. I have felt sick all day. I didn't want to eat lunch (me!)
  3. I haven't had chance to process so I just took my students to P.E. and instead of prepping for a conference, I collapsed on my classroom floor in a ball and am crying.
  4. I'm sad because I'm grieving a loss in a way.
  5. I'm scared of what this means for our future. I'm scared of the division that will continue to occur.
  6. I'm confused. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm genuinely surprised at how much of our country is okay with electing this person as our president. At how many WOMEN are okay with it. WTF?
  7. I'm angry that some of my students came in cheering and excited about Trump winning. Biting my tongue and keeping my comments mostly informative and unbiased has been one of the most challenging things I've done in awhile.
  8. I feel guilty. Maybe I should've volunteered and canvassed.
  9. I'm embarrassed at how our country looks at this point in history.
  10. The reasonable part of my brain knows we will survive. We will keep fighting. We will not give in. We will persevere. But right now I'm laying on my classroom floor like Mindy Lahiri.