I find myself circling back to the same themes on my lists!
  1. I found myself in a funk the last couple of days. This tends to happen to me during summer break.
  2. I work crazy hard all school year, mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting myself. Then BAM, it's finished.
  3. Then I took an amazing trip, which I planned and earned myself. And it was amazing!
  4. But now, a few weeks later, I found myself in a funk. Just a general "blahness."
  5. This year has been exponentially intense, with the state of the world and country. Even the state of the air quality outside is poor today!
  6. So I find myself indoors, which I honestly prefer. But that's tricky too because f*%king Twitter and Instagram just feed my anxiety.
    (I haven't felt like listing much.)
  7. **I know some may read this and think "I wish I had summers off", "At least you got to take a vacation", or "There is so much other worse shit happening in the world".
  8. I've given myself permission to feel how I feel and not judge where I'm at, both mentally and physically.
  9. "Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." -J.M. Barry
  10. I'm good at doling out inspirational quotes, positive advice, and comments to others.
  11. I did look through my lists and found and read this and the comments:
  12. ⭐️So I Got Off My Ass and Followed My Own Advice⭐️
  13. I put on some music. I always forget how much better it can make me feel.
  14. I folded laundry and then did and folded two more loads including my sheets! (I know, right?)
  15. I did some minor cleaning.
  16. I took a damn shower!
  17. I Remembered that I'm not alone in feeling this way...
    (Thanks again @nathanveshecco for starting your list yesterday)
  18. And that I'm a work in progress and I will be Okay, because I Always Am!
  19. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So That's That!