Yay! So I glad you finally got your second package and I know who I am!
  1. I started checking out your lists to see what your age, job, interests might be but ...you only posted two lists and I couldn't follow you- how crazy would that be?
  2. So... I sent @thebestSR in..
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  3. Then you posted a list which I loved and decided I wanted to send you a two part package and reveal myself in the second but...
  4. The darn US Postal Service gave me away I think!
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    Darn zip codes! Had to google my zip code didn't you? 😊
  5. If that didn't do it, then this list definitely did
  6. Then I finished assembling and shipped the second package and hoped the insane amount of bubble wrap I used kept everything in tact! 📦📦
  7. Then I waited....and tracked...
    US Postal Service: What do you mean "recipient not home"? Wait until she gets home - it'll be worth it! 🕣
  8. Then I waited...and tracked again and saw this...
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    Yes, she requested it be redelivered! I'm so excited! 😃 and not at all crazy??😳
  9. Still waiting....yes!
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  10. Due to unforeseen and random workings of the universe I posted the Track list to accompany the CD I made you before you received it but ... Here it is!
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  11. Yes @janecbeal ! You finally got your package! Now we can be listapp friends! I LOVE MY SECRET SANTA
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    And I can say Hello From the other side ...of the country!
  12. Thanks universe for randomly introducing me to a new person and thanks @ChrisK (aka Santa) for organizing the coolest event I've participated in this year! 😉
    Seriously, thanks for your time, effort, kindness, and putting your mad technology skills to use to better human Interaction!
  13. Follow @janecbeal
    She's from Atlanta & lives in the Bay Area!