instead I'm going to write down what I remember about the dream I just woke from. I've felt physically sick this week and emotionally exhausted. I came home yesterday, lay down in my bed, and slept for about 16 hours. Apparently I needed it.
  1. I remember parts of it so vividly, more so than how I usually remember my dreams. I did get up to pee a few times but fell right back into the dream and this morning I think I even controlled the direction of my dream.
  2. Parts were like watching a movie and parts were me making conscious choices. It may seem weird but it flowed in my mind and dream.
  3. I remember it starting with me (as my present 35 year old self) babysitting for two kids then when their parents came home I was invited to stay for the party. (Not like that) They actually had a party in the huge mountain house they lived in.
  4. I can remember in detail what the house looked like, what the guests looked like, and even conversations I had with guests.
  5. But I had an interesting relationship with "the husband" who was an amalgam of Jason Bateman (?), someone my sister knew in real life who was married with 2 kids, and someone who appears in my dreams occasionally but is faceless.
  6. I remember the husband telling me that he helped my sister get through her 2nd wedding to a guy who broke off the engagement the night before the wedding but still wanted to have the wedding. (IRL My sister has kind of isolated herself from family lately so this is weird. We know she's okay but this plot doesn't fit with her personality.)
  7. Anyway, I clearly had a previously established flirtatious relationship with "the husband" since he was texting me during the party. I remember him putting his hand on my knee and feeling the spark but also feeling how "wrong" it was.
  8. Then it was established that "the wife" sort of knew about our relationship and also was part of another relationship. But as the party progressed it was clear "the husband" who I began to relate to more as this person I was supposed to have met who helped my sister, was not comfortable with the hoity toity crowd at his home and eventually
    Broke down mentally and asked, "what am I supposed to do?"
  9. The dream then transformed into me continuing to babysit for this family and have a relationship with "the husband" BUT
  10. The mountain house became part of a larger building in this magical snowy place called "White Creek" (? I woke up wanting to visit this fantasy place)
  11. Also, at various points in the dream I was pregnant but hiding it and also worried my water would break soon. In the dream I did not know how I'd become pregnant. (I've had this reoccurring theme in dreams recently but IRL have never been pregnant, currently have no desire to be pregnant, and physically could NOT be pregnant so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  12. I remember "the wife" changing into a different character and observing flashbacks of heartfelt conversations between "this mother" and her two children and flashbacks to how she and "the husband" first fell in love.
  13. Then she became ill (something related to diabetes) and "the husband" had her taken to a hospital on the mountain.
  14. At this point I began watching the dream more than being a part of it.
  15. But as "the mother" was being treated in the hospital the owner (an old wise looking man with a long beard of course🤔) told "the husband" who was talking nonsense to take a break and head to a specific cave. ("The husband" had now transformed into Milo Ventimiglia and was not the person I was having a relationship with.)
  16. He then rode to this cave but then was in a movie theater where he and "the wife" (now Mandy Moore) were at a movie theater then transported through time with this cave as a portal to back when they first met and were traveling on some old motorcycle with side car during WWI (This Is Us?)
  17. It got weird here and I can't make sense enough of it to write but there were other instances of this time travel and natives of "White Creek" being compassionate about it and guiding people to "the cave".
  18. I woke up feeling so much clarity because of this dream. Now I realize it was random nonsense. Or was it?
  19. Imagine how profound my dreams would be if I slept this much everyday. But then I'd miss reality, right?
  20. So in conclusion, my subconscious is a weird, sneaky, complicated creature.
  21. And to those who have followed me for 300 lists and nearly a year, "bless your hearts"! 💓