Inspired by @BeeFlwrs
  1. So this list is more of a brag list because my Mom DID send me a care/belated birthday package!
  2. Here's what was inside (it's like Secret Santa all over again)
  3. Specialized silly homemade address labels...always! 😊
  4. ???????????
  5. Homemade granola on this fancy container!
    Seriously, you press down for freshness??? I rarely ever splurge on kitchen gadgets(like I own a garlic press and think that is impressive) so I don't know about these "fancy things"
  6. More "backup granola"
  7. White Cheddar popcorn & Firehouse Caramel popcorn from this place they built after I moved away but always like to POP by when visiting family!
    If ever in Kent, Ohio...
  8. An Itty Bitty
    When I was home for the holidays my mom got my niece and nephew Each one of these and I joked that I wanted one and was going to steal theirs (I would never!) 😏
  9. Even though I'm 35, I still like notes and packages from my mom!
  10. Thanks Mom!
    She doesn't know this app exists so I sent her a text! 💓