Yes, this is what kept my attention and kept me slightly calmer while being corralled through a rich dude's extravagant home!
  1. Asheville, NC
  2. Winter Garden (seriously)
    The size of my apartment
  3. When you need some massive Great Dining Room lighting (I forget the actual room's name)
  4. The view and breeze from the back porch is my favorite.
  5. Close up ⬆️
  6. Did you know "wealthy" people had their beds set/built on an actual platform as a sign of their status? I learned! 😀
  7. The library was my favorite room.
  8. One of the sitting rooms (lots of sitting occurred).
  9. Infamous circular-ish staircase
  10. You know when you need your indoor pool to be "lit"? (I hate myself a little bit for this caption)
  11. "Pardon me while I get the servant/old school personal trainer to fetch my dumbbell."
  12. Kitchen fixtures, not so fancy. But we wouldn't want to distract the help!?
  13. In the "mustaches and brandy" room. (I forget the name, Smoking and Gun Room?)
  14. All dressed up and not turned on! 🤔