I just finished season 2 and have some thoughts, questions, and discussion topics!
  1. SPOILERS .....
  4. Sally Rayburn-Sissy Spacek
    I still can't figure her out! I wanted to call her meek in the first season but maybe she's a stronger matriarch than I gave her credit for.
  5. The "Ghosts"
    Season one - It was Danny seeing his younger sister Sarah! In season two, it's John seeing Danny. Are these representative of a conscience or something else or just for dramatic effect?
  6. John Legizamo
    Crazy great actor! His character was scary AF!
  7. Can it go on another season?
    I hope it does but I don't think it has much of a following. Season 2 ended with cliffhangers but also in a way that makes sense to show where each character ended up if that's just "The End."
  8. Owen Teague as Nolan Rayburn
    Wow, This actor was amazing as Danny's son. He did a great job studying Ben Mendelsohn's mannerisms as Danny!
  9. Sympathy for Kevin
    Somehow I found myself having sympathy for Kevin throughout the seasons. It seems like every time he got his act together or something good would happen, the Rayburn drama would consume him. I feel like if he & his wife moved away things would be good for him. Maybe this was just me or the writers wanted us to feel this way.???
  10. The NECKLACE
    I love the way the necklace was a part of all of these subplots before we even knew it! I also, liked the reveal towards the end of season 2.
  11. "We're not bad people. We just did a bad thing."
    Heard it all through the first season and no longer. Why?