Or why I'm Cry Listing™ on my lunch break
  1. Stress
  2. ALL the beurocratic paperwork that results in nothing
  3. The great kids that I feel I'm neglecting because of the large number of "challenges"
  4. The Big T and small t traumas that these "challenges" have faced in their lives
  5. I don't like the teacher I've become, pretty much had to be this year!
  6. The fact that I have done everything I can and tried so many different approaches and this class is beating me!
    It's bad when the administration and counsellors are at a loss!
  7. I'm tired! I'm so tired and just want to go home but I'm pretty sure magical fairies or elves or school gnomes aren't coming to get things ready for me and idle hands...
  8. I won't let the next 37 work days break me but man I'm physically, mentally, and emotionally tired!