What this Friday means to me! What does Friday mean to you?
  1. Finally, The Revenant is showing nationwide 📽
    And I shall go by myself because I do what I want! 😀 REASONS I ❤️ GOING TO THE MOVIES BY MYSELF
  2. Refusing to grade papers or assessments this weekend! 🚫📝
  3. I'm going to try a tech free two hour block this weekend!
    No phone, iPad, television - hoping to get into some reading for pleasure or maybe I'll color! 🖍
  4. Diving into some internet research to determine where I shall go for a 4-5 day trip this Spring (starting in western NC) Happy 35th birthday year to me! ♒️
    Suggestions welcome! (Budget ~$1200)
  5. Already planning a morning of sleeping in! 💤
  6. Yummy homemade breakfast burrito awaits!
    🌯(eggs, potato, red pepper, mushrooms, cilantro, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce) - pretty stoked for this!