"It's Guy Love"

Title from a song used in the Scrubs episode titled "My Musical" Just some fun GIF moments and quotes highlighting one of my favorite dramedy duos:
  1. Turk & J.D.
  2. "I miss you so much it hurts sometimes..."
  3. "We're going to steak night. We're going to eat it right..."
  4. "You smell like it's hot out."
    "It's hot in my heart."
  5. "And when we die, where do we meet up in heaven?"
    "At the milkshake pool on the lesbian cloud!"
  6. "Hooch IS crazy!"
  7. "Turk's back from his honeymoon!"
  8. Cue "Winter Song" 🎶 by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson