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Note: I do not work for Netflix or any of its affiliates!
  1. Season
  2. Two
  4. You're going to want to watch Season One ASAP
  5. For so many good reasons, such as:
  6. Kyle Chandler
    Faux husband of Our own @kcupcaker
  7. Ben Mendelsohn
    Golden Globe Nominated for this role
  8. Sissy Spacek
  9. Linda Cardellini
    Lindsay Weir all grown up!
  10. Norbert Leo Butz
    Added for @torihyder - he is also great in this role!
  11. Filmed and set in The Florida Keys
  12. The Drama
  13. Plot Twists
  14. Suspense
  15. Because I said so!
    Have I let you down yet? (Rhetorical! Please don't answer.)
  16. But mostly, so you know what's happening in Season Two!