Some of the small day to day things that make me happy #draftmas this is 10% of my draft folder - now I can start the new year right @aprilkquioh
  1. Falling in and out of sleep on a day off while watching a movie or TV series I've already seen
  2. Free samples
  3. Being able to crack the porch door in November
  4. 3 songs you love played ON THE RADIO, ON A MONDAY MORNING
  5. A card in the mail from my niece
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    I think this is me teaching??
  6. Finding that movie you loved and only ever owned on VHS for $5 at target
    Say Anything!
  7. When your Amazon order is just a few pennies over $35
  8. Clean sheets after a shower
  9. These holiday-time cookies
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  10. Leaving work before it gets dark
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