Alright 'Scrubs' Fans
  1. 14.
    Alex Hanson
    Remember she stole some pills or some nonsense? I actually had forgotten about her until I looked at IMDB.
  2. 13.
    The girl that only liked JD because of his hair. So much so that she would lick it!
  3. 12.
    Jordan Sullivan
    Only funny because of Dr. Cox's reaction and this quote by Ben Sullivan: "You know something? You have slept with both of my sisters. You and I have something in common." 😄
  4. 11.
    Neena Broderick
    The best part of these two dating was the fantasy sword fight between Jordan and Neena!
  5. 10.
    Lisa the Gift Shop Girl
    Oh gift shop girl!
  6. 9.
    Jamie (aka TCW)
    Mostly funny because of JD's "99 Luftballoons fantasy"
  7. 8.
    Dr. Kim Briggs
    She did lie about being preggars but still made an amusing couple. The episode with Kim giving birth is hilarious too!
  8. 7.
    Danni Sullivan
    "If the elevator cable snapped, even if we timed it out perfectly and jumped up right before impact, we'd still be crushed to death. I wish I'd taken the stairs." Their relationship and interactions were ridiculously entertaining!
  9. 6.
    Julie Quinn
    The physical comedy was hilarious. "She is not graceful."
  10. 5.
    "Kylie, wait. I paid Steve fifty bucks and an I.O.U. for another hundred and twenty to fake a heart attack. I just-I really wanted tonight to go well."
  11. 4.
    Dr. Molly Clock
    "God bless Molly Ringwald. And this Molly. Ah, the hell with it! God bless Mollys everywhere!"
  12. 3.
    Melody O' Harra
    Even though they could only "mac" and JD couldn't go to "boobtown because it's a gated community"
  13. 2.
    "It's Guy Love...between two guys!" 🎶
  14. 1.
    Elliot Reid
    Of course, it has to be JD & Elliot! 💓 "I love you more than anything in the whole world. Elliot, I love you more than Turk."