Let me set the scene for you: I get home from work and decide I'm going to wash a load of laundry (I know! I might even shower today too!)⭐️ I live in an apartment complex where each group of 8 apartments shares a laundry room with 1 washer & 1 dryer run by a preloaded card.
  1. As you may have anticipated, I get down to the laundry room and there are wet clothes in the washing machine that have completed all cycles(the washer is not running).
  2. So, I set my basket of dirty laundry next to the washer, grab my laundry detergent and laundry card (that stuff is more valuable than some towels and pjs), and head back up to my apartment.
  3. I made sure to loudly close the laundry room (HINT HINT). I wait the proverbial 15 minutes, then head back down to the laundry room.
  4. Clothes still in washer! This has happened to me before. Seriously, how hard is it to set a timer matching the numbers on the machine?
  5. I hate Tuesdays!
  6. What did I do? I took the random clothes out and set them on the top of the dryer in case the person planned to air dry their clothes. Then I put my clothes in the washer, came back to my apartment, set THE TIMER ON MY PHONE, and washed my hands!
  7. Was this a jerk move? What would you have done? What have you done?
    Please don't suggest moving to a house and buying my own washer and dryer, that's not helpful right now!
  8. I also would have just taken them out and left them on a table or something. It's really better cause they can get moldy in the washing machine anyway right? I don't think you should feel too bad.
    Suggested by @katilette
  9. Pro move!
    And perhaps you were too kind?
    Suggested by @andersun
  10. I usually give it 30min, then I take their clothes out. I'll put them in the dryer but leave the door open, if they don't leave a hamper.
    If I get to the point when it's time to put my clothes in the dryer and their clothes are still there from when I put them in there, that's when I just start putting shit on the floor or a table if it's available
    Suggested by @HisDudeness