Honestly, the top 3 were nearly tied-all good!
  1. Daddy's Home
    Saw this when the movie we went to see was sold out (this is why I prefer to go to movies alone). It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen!
  2. Sisters
    Hilarious, put you in a good mood flick!
  3. Joy
    Slow start but amazing!
  4. The Big Short
    Wow! Just saw this and wow! I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie even though well...you know! Steve Carrell & Christian Bale were fantastic! I was not aware of the mathematics of the Mortgage Crisis and did not directly feel effected but the more I think about it maybe I did?? Also, feel appalled by a percentage of humanity after viewing this!
  5. Spotlight
    Stellar cast, acting, and directed in a way that I just sat there staring at the screen throughout the credits even though it is based on true events I've read about.