1. The Meddler
    Susan Sarandon was pretty great and there were some funny moments but the plot was just okay.
  2. The Lobster
    WTF? Interesting and again, WTF?
  3. Asperger's Are Us
    I'd been looking forward to this documentary, produced by Duplass Brothers production company. I enjoyed watching it, gained some insight, and it made my ❤️ happy! (On Netflix)
  4. Hello, My Name Is Doris
    For some reason I had higher expectations for this movie. In my opinion, if it weren't for Sally Field it wouldn't have been very good at all.
  5. Office Christmas Party
    Saw it in the theater on a Tuesday instead of going to my staff holiday party. It was pretty funny! Jason Bateman & T.J. Miller & Kate McKinnon did not disappoint!
  6. The Passengers
    Interesting from a psychological aspect. If it wasn't two incredibly attractive stars, I'm not sure it would've been as good. 🙈
  7. La La Land
    It was pretty good! I'm glad it wasn't super "musically" as I'm not a big musical fan. Also, I liked that it wasn't too cheesy as I feared it might've been.
  8. Blue Jay
    Oh wow! 💓 This movie was beautifully bittersweet and raw! (On Netflix) DUPLASS BROTHERS' MOVIES, RANKED
  9. Miss Sloane
    Brilliant! Jessica Chastain is brilliant! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Just when you think it was predictable, it gets ya!
  10. Collateral Beauty
    I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one but Will Smith and the rest of the ensemble were amazing. (Depending on your mood, it could be a potential tear jerker)
  11. Manchester by the Sea
    Brilliant! Casey Affleck knocked it out of the park. My brother described the story as "a slow burn" and those are the perfect words. Kenneth Lonergan knew exactly what he wanted the film to be when he wrote it then directed it that way! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️