Inspired by @HisDudeness My Dogs Answers to the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire (a spinoff if you will) I don't have a dog but I do feel a connection to my car, Winston. Although he's an inanimate object I feel I can accurately sum up his answers!
  1. 1. Favorite Word: Uber
    I get to sleep in this parking lot extra late tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine!
  2. 2. Least Favorite Word: Mechanic
    This means I'm going to be taken apart "cleaned out" for my own good but I still run the risk of losing some tires- they're like an extension of myself!
  3. 3. Turn-ons: Long car trips
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    I get a work out for a bit then get to cruise and rock some sweet old school tunes!
  4. 4. Turn-offs: Cold Mornings
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    You'd think that after 9 years together, that owner of mine could get her act together, come out and let me warm up naturally for a bit instead of scraping the heck out of my windshield (ouch!)
  5. 5. Favorite Curse Word: Hoonnnnkkkk!
    Not used very often but if another car's gonna come at me, I gotta bring it!
  6. 6. Favorite Sound: "Please pull Forward"
    I'm getting a bath! I'm getting a bath! (It must be tax refund time???)
  7. 7. Least favorite sound: My owner singing
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    Even when she turns up the music so loud she blows out the back speakers, it's still not loud enough! YOU ARE NOT FLORENCE WELCH, STOP TRYING!
  8. 7. What profession would you like to attempt: Race Car
    They get to go sooo fast and to be driven by a real pro not this amateur who thinks 85 mph is a big deal!
  9. 8. What profession would you least like to attempt: Ambulance
    Don't like the idea of blood all over my interior; the vomit that one time was bad enough!
  10. 9. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say as you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
    "It was a rough ride but you've made it! And now you know, ALL CARS GO TO HEAVEN, regardless of their owner."
  11. Winston
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    I didn't set out to name my car but when I first got it, a friend of mine said, "It looks like an old person car like a Winston," and it stuck! We've had a good 9 1/2 years and ~110,000 miles together and still going strong! Some people hate long drives, I enjoy them a couple times of year.