Great writing, great acting, great musical supervision...Just all around GREAT!
  1. Episode 1 - Plan B
    "Please don't yell out people's ethnicities!"
  2. Episode 2 - Parents
    "This isn't New Orleans" & the whole idea Dev couldn't grab a free water on the way out of the audition
  3. Episode 3 - Hot Ticket
    "So just to clarify, you're going to ask the most attractive girl? Interesting turn of events."
  4. Episode 4 - Indians on TV
    "You better not F#*k up my FRIENDS money."
  5. Episode 5 - The Other Man
    "Am I in a lucid dream right now? Am I Vanilla Skying myself?"
  6. Episode 6 - Nashville
    "I'm kind of a vegetarian." Dev, "NOOOOOOOO! Are you serious?"
  7. Episode 7 - Ladies and Gentlemen
    "If that bozo thinks he's getting a tip after that bullshit...he's right. I'm actually too afraid of the awkwardness of not tipping."
  8. Episode 8 - Old People
    "Tracking's so bad it looks like Arnold Shwarzeneggar and Danny DeVito ARE Twins."
  9. Episode 9 - Mornings
    "That's like the kind of tone people use when they decide to murder the other person. That's not nice! That's like when someone's like, no more arguing, I'll just chop their head off when they're asleep."
  10. Episode 10 - Finale
    "Long term relationships are tough. You can't just expect a big roaring fire right away, you know? You can't put the big logs in first, right. You gotta start with the small stuff, kindling. Right? Then you add that. Then you put in the big logs and then you have a roaring fire. And that's a good relationship. But be careful, sometimes kindling wood's hard to find-you know good wood. Don't take it for granted."