1. I FaceTimed with my niece to tell her Happy Birthday & chat
  2. She said, "It's craft time. What should I make?"
  3. I suggested a map of her favorite place.
    No go
  4. Then I suggested that she draw her six favorite things in the whole world.
    She thought about it!
  5. In order:
  6. 1. Cake
  7. 2. Presents
    Me: "Think about things that aren't just for your birthday, things in the world any day!" Her: "You can have presents any day, like Christmas and Halloween and other days!"
  8. 3. Flowers
  9. 4. Love
    Me: "How did you draw love?" Her: "With a heart of course!"
  10. 5. Sprite
    She must be getting to have soda on her birthday!?
  11. 6. Toys R Us
  12. My sister sent me a pic of her drawing:
    (Not really sure what's happening with the Sprite can??)