Call me old fashioned, but I think sometimes a phone call is in order.
  1. "I'm engaged!"
    With a picture of her hand in a ring from one of my oldest friends (~4 years ago)
  2. "We're pregnant!"
    With a picture of an ultrasound pic from a different one of my oldest friends (~2.5 years ago)
  3. Yesterday, from my Dad!
    I'm incredibly happy for him. But, this is a man I had to talk through step by step sending an email attachment 8 months ago. (Also, upon receiving this text I called my brother first.)
  4. I guess I should consider myself fortunate I was granted a text and not just informed via the Facebook?
    (I don't have a Facebook account)
  5. Is this just the way things are done now?
  6. Oh dear god! Am I old...fashioned? I've never thought so!