*Running, jogging, or even a rigorous walk Keep in mind, I have a super sniffer!
  1. Human Body Odor
    I only exercise near other humans about 50% of the time and when I do they usually pass by me quickly. They tend to take their stink with them. A quick moment of body odor is nothing compared to being trapped in a room with it all day no matter how many times deodorant is offered and suggested! 🤢
  2. Wild Onions
    This odor is so rare and seasonal. However, when the scent of wild onions is in the air, it lingers AND is similar to that of body odor. 🤢
  3. Food
    When I walk/run at the VA hospital near where I live, I can always smell the fried food smell from a restaurant when I round a certain curve. This smell kind of lingers. 🤢🤢
  4. Poo
    Usually of the dog variety, this rarely encountered odor doesn't seem to follow me. But, when I'm breathing hard then get a whiff of dog crap...EVIL! 🤢🤢
  5. Exhaust
    Yes, I drive a car. Yes, I sometimes drive past people who are running. However, when I'M running I'm usually thinking, "How much longer?" Or "this sucks. This sucks. This sucks," and don't want to breathe in exhaust fumes! 🤢🤢
  6. Cigarette Smoke
    When I'm running (lately trying to increase my pace so as to not finish a 5K after my lazy student) and cigarette smoke drifts my way, I want to vomit. Although this odor doesn't actually linger for too long, the anger it causes me does and I feel like it's on me. 🤢🤢🤢