Okay, You Rats Of The Sky!

I always forget about my hatred and slight fear of pigeons until I travel to places that have an abundance of them!
  1. How I loathe thee! And want to kick thee!
    (I didn't!)
  2. You unsanitary, rat with wings!
  3. You don't even good enough to hang with the real birds.
    Even geese and seagulls are better than you!
  4. You stay over there!
  5. There's a reason for this sign!
    You wouldn't feed rats, would you?
  6. Happy family just wants to bond by feeding some geese and seagulls.
  7. But you rats of the sky must impose!
    (I apologize if this is your family I was creepin' on. Your children are lovely.)
  8. Pigeon Takeover!
    You greedy bastards!
  9. Yes I took these pictures just so I could make a list!
  10. Also, @Veronique feel free to make a counter list about why pigeons are not in fact the unsanitary, rats with wings that I think they are!