Somewhat morbid list topic but more out of curiosity
  1. So I'm in my hometown-ish for an unexpected death in family (my mom's oldest brother died at age 70). My mom is one of seven kids and my dad, one of six (Catholics). This is the first of one of my parents' siblings to pass.
  2. I'm okay and went more for support and because it's what you do. But it got me thinking (along with the fact that I have on my To-Do list this year to get my legal stuff in order-Last will & testament, health care power of attorney, etc just to have stuff in place)
  3. I've thought about it and I want to be cremated after any of my organs can be used. That's just what I want. I've communicated this with my brother and feel he would advocate for me but want it on paper!
  4. My mom mentioned that her brother, my uncle, who passed was an organ donor and ended up being able to donate two organs. She said this in a proud way that made it sound rare. (Not that she shouldn't be proud ❤️❤️) I responded, "well that's wonderful. I thought most people are organ donors."
  5. Apparently Not!
  6. I am not judging but rather, curious. I remember getting my drivers license at 18 and immediately saying YES to being an organ donor. Perhaps this was naive but I still am a ✔️YES. I didn't think twice!?
  7. I did some research:
  8. The most striking fact is: "95% of U.S. adults support organ donation but only 54% are actually signed up as donors"
  9. WHY? Again, not judging and you don't have to say if you're an organ donor or not. I'm just wondering why such a low number?
  10. Is it because most people think the only way to register is when you get an ID and many people don't have capabilities or access to getting IDs?
  11. Are there certain religious or cultures that discourage organ donation? Again, I'm curious!?
  12. Is it like another thing people think, "Oh yeah I really need to do that..." But aren't people asked when they initially get and renew licenses?
  13. According to this article, organ donation has increased BUT only because of increase in deaths from overdoses? (To be honest, I'm tired and skimmed this)
  14. Sorry if this is a disturbing topic to you but if interested, please share thoughts or even better, data to support reasoning. I like learning!
  15. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
  16. I am a proud organ donor. I also donate my blood (which I am very much overdue to do!) #ONegResponsibilities!
    On death, I want my organs donated and the rest of me cremated and ashes spread. No fanfare, just shared by those left who cared about me. OR... a kick-ass Gatsby style dress up party wake. That's all. I'm gone, I just want those left to be happy and get on with it.
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  17. I found this informative & thought provoking list by the amazing @aminam
  18. Both my husband and I strongly support organ donation. We had our estate plans (wills), advance healthcare directives (living wills), end-of-life wishes, health care surrogate (medical power of attorney), and legal power of attorney documents prepared when we first got married. We updated them each time we moved to a new state.
    We wanted to ensure they were worded as required by each state. Our documents indicate we each wish to donate usable organs and tissues, we each wish to be cremated, and we each are the other's legal advocate except if we were gone or unable to serve as such, then the responsibility falls to our daughter. We reviewed everything with her and answered any questions she had. As a nurse in ICU, I have seen many families fighting over these decisions because there were no documents.
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  19. I'm an organ donor!
    I just recently got my license and it was kind of a no-brainer for me as well. I love the idea of my cells living on and giving someone else life even if something happens to me.
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  20. I've always had it on my license and my driving children do too. I can't imagine a situation where I would ever say no to donating any useful part of me or my loved ones, but I imagine a lack of planning/documentation coupled with the heightened tensions/grief of a sudden death might drive those numbers down for some people.
    I also think cremation is the way to go unless there's something cheaper. I'd hate for anyone to spend more than the bare minimum to deal with a husk that isn't me anymore.
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  21. I'm a donor too.
    I have been since I got my license back in '93. I'm a big fan of helping people who need it, so if I can do that one last time when I'm gone, that would be great.
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  22. Initially I didn't have donor when I first got my license, I believed the hype that "they don't try & save you" this was naive. Oddly enough I've done a 180 since being diagnosed with a lung disease with a possible transplant in my future. I'm ok with giving parts of myself to help others, but still haven't wrapped my mind around taking from other
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  23. Organ donor. So many benefits to helping others.
    I think there are many religions or religious people who object to the concept of organ donations. Plus they are often skeptical of science and medicine. To each their own,I guess?
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  24. Also, several religions don't believe in blood transfusions, so I imagine organ donations are off the table.
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  25. Here's why I have heard people don't donate. "If I am in a car wreck, and in bad shape, but I can survive, the EMTs will check my ID and do less to save my life if they see I'm an organ donor."
    FTR, I have been fine with dying for years, so if they slack off on saving my life because my organs can save 3 lives, go ahead. But yes, people think being an organ donor makes medical professionals fine with you dying even of they can save you. I'm an organ donor and plan to donate bone marrow and blood while I'm alive and well. Then, take them all, and cremate me.
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  26. I'm an organ donor from back when you just had a card in your wallet from the Lion's Club. My mom was, too, and I was really disappointed when the hospital wouldn't take any of her organs. It never occurred to me that if someone is sick they wouldn't at least try to find something usable (like a cornea?). She did have a lot wrong with her though...
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  27. I'm a donor! In VA it's just a matter of checking the box, but maybe it's different by state?
    Also, to make this convo morbid, there is an article I read that said if/when self driving cars become mainstream there will be way fewer severe car accidents which will eventually lead to organ shortages 😳 I guess most donated organs come from car accident victims?
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  28. I've always loved having a little ❤️ on my driver's license to show I'm a donor!
    No clue why people wouldn't want to be one. Fascinating topic. Not morbid at all!
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  29. Yes!!?
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  30. I'm a donor, officially on my license.
    And my dying wishes are like yours. Take what anybody can use, cremate the rest. I just need to make it official, and make a will, all that fun stuff.
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  31. Donor here 🙋🏼*
    Noted on my CA DL. *Because I notarize Advance Healthcare Directives as part of the Living Trust company I contract with, I have discussions with clients every signing. Even knowing religion must factor in for some, I've never come across it. I'd say roughly 85% include it in their directives and the other 15% give reasons as, I don't want to be cut up or no one would want my 'old' body parts. It's not my place to give advice but if asked, I say donate-they'll decide what can be used.
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  32. I'm an organ donor!
    Made the decision when I got my license when I was 16. It was a pretty easy decision.
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  33. BWN_7 is an OD
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  34. I'm an organ donor.
    I remember talking to classmates about it when we got our licenses. Seemed like plenty of people have the "they won't try to save you" misconception. But coming from a family in medical and knowing lots of EMTs that is just not true.
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  35. I feel very strongly about organ donation. I think a better system is to require people to opt out if they don't want to be donors. I talk to a lot of people about their living wills as part of my job, and in my experience, many people simply don't like the idea of their organs being harvested.
    (That might be kind of an unpleasant way to say it, but that seems to be the part that disturbs people.) I understand that squeamishness, but so many people die waiting for organs. As the bumper stickers say, "live longer, be an organ donor!"
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  36. Donor here!
    I remember having the conversation with both my girls when they got their drivers licenses. It was never much of a discussion - we all just felt it was a no-brainer to give what you can when you can't use it anymore!
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