Right now I've chosen the PATH of procrastination. Guys, I really don't want to read (okay skim) the 2 chapters for a book talk at work tomorrow and my Hot Toddy is just barely starting to kick in!
  1. So, paths:
  2. Winding Paths
  3. Stone Paths
  4. Brick Paths
  5. Paths that lead to other Paths
  6. Paths Unknown
  7. Well traveled Paths
  8. Paths that lead to nowhere
    (If you choose to believe that!)
  9. PsychoPATHS
  10. SocioPATHS
  11. Taking this down a dark PATH
  12. Neural PATHways
  13. Unhelpful PATH quotes
    Duh! If we all knew, wouldn't we be on THAT path?
  14. Cliché PATH quotes
  15. PATH quotes that leave us with something to think about...