Pure randomness
  1. I went to one of my favorite secret spots! Gorgeous at any time of year!
  2. This was on the ground by my car and made me laugh out loud (it echoed a bit)!
    Dude, call her!
  3. Are we really still doing this?
  4. Would you like some Old Spice® "Bulk Up" hair product with your beer?
    I wonder if the person who had originally picked this up, thought, "eh? I'm married, I don't need thick hair, I'll get the beer instead. Pert Plus® has been working just fine for years!"
  5. I am not personally a therapist or medical professional of any kind, however, I'm confident in saying that she, herself could probably benefit from some therapy! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    In fact, a large population of the country could benefit from some therapy
  6. Even if this is fabricated or complete fiction, why is this the cover story over Kesha's story?
  7. I accidentally bought some more Thin Mints®
  8. Happy Weekend!