So this is my tenth year in NC, yet whenever a snow storm (aka inclement weather) is on the horizon the masses react the same way! I DO live in the mountains where some people could potentially not be able to get out of their driveways for up to three whole days! 😯
  1. Since the superintendent of our school system already cancelled school for the entire county tomorrow, teachers included, I joined the masses!
  2. This is the chaos that has been the last two hours of my life:
  3. Went to grocery store and got what I needed and it's a good thing it wasn't
  4. EGGS
  5. MILK
  6. BREAD
  7. OR
  9. Waited in line to checkout
  10. I could have gotten to the grocery store sooner but, I have priorities!
  11. I heard Friday Snow Day and headed immediately to the ABC Store (nope, that's not a teacher store...well, actually??)
  12. Happy Snow Day to me!
    Thanks Ryan! 😉
  13. I wish all of you on the East Coast a safe and warm weekend!
    (Sorry for all the memes!) 🙈