Requested by @hannazoeo
My first requested list...yay! 🎶Hello, I have so many questions!
  1. Adele, what's with the flip phone?
    I assume you're eligible for an upgrade
  2. Why does the dust look so magical?
    But in my home it just collects on furniture
  3. Adele, you're 27, how long ago was it that you were "younger and free"?
    It gets tougher love!
  4. Who is that handsome man?
  5. What are you calling from the other side of?
    The pond? The country? Are you dead? Is he?
  6. Adele, if he doesn't "seem to be home" ALL these times, why do you keep calling?
  7. Why is there a phone booth covered with overgrowth in rural California?
    She's in California, dreaming, right?
  8. Where are you calling from the outside of?
    Prison? The town he never got out of? His house? Are you stalking him since he won't answer his phone?
  9. I wonder if I could pull off a coat like that?
    I'm short with narrow shoulders
  10. Why is it ALWAYS raining in the most intense moments of our life?
  11. Will he ever find Someone Like You?
    Too easy! Beautiful song that leaves me with more questions than answers