Inspired by @mattan
  1. I get to pick the movie!
    Went to see The Night Before last weekend because "I do what I want"
  2. I get to pick the theater 🍺
    I don't mind driving 10 minutes further to the theater with sofa seating and beer!
  3. I get my own popcorn 🍿
    How hungry are you? What size should we get? Do you like butter? Oh do you want the rest? Irrelevant questions!
  4. I get to determine the arrival time 🕰
    I like to get there 10 minutes before showtime to get my perfect seat and watch the previews!
  5. I get to pick the seat
    I prefer to be sitting centered in a row about 2/3 back from the screen
  6. I get to laugh extra loud 😂
    When I go see a movie by myself I tend to laugh louder than I would if I was there with someone and even talk to the screen once in a while - I forget other people are there altogether! 😊 yup, I'm that girl!
  7. I get BOTH armrests and cup holders to myself 🙊
    One for my soda or napkins and one to hang my purse over. I wanna use the right arm rest, now the left - no worries!
  8. I leave when I want
    If I want to stay and watch the credits because I like the song or there might be bloopers or deleted scenes I can!
  9. I get my $10.50s worth! 💸
  10. Try it sometime if you haven't already! 👍