1. β€’
    I got home from my "holiday getaway" (I was visiting my family but holiday getaway sounds sooo much more glamorous) and stopped by the office of my apartment to see if I had a package... And the person working in the office checked her "inventory checklist" and said I didn't! πŸ˜•
  2. β€’
    Then I checked my mailbox and found some bills, junk, and a slip from the lovely USPS that said "we left your package at the apartment office on ..."
  3. β€’
    I went back to the apartment office with said notification slip and showed to to office worker!
    This is after driving 8 hours!
  4. β€’
    Office worker finds the package
    Perhaps she's had a long day??
  5. β€’
    Then I unpack all of my crap including the package
  6. β€’
    You guys my package is from Anchorage, Alaska
    (For some reason the map feature wouldn't recognize the city but only the Anchorage Museum- you're welcome)
  7. β€’
    I debated waiting until after I showered to open it but I have no will power so...
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    Stellar duct tape work!
  8. β€’
    I texted my brother because yesterday we were listing our "places we want to visit" and one of his was Alaska
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  9. β€’
    Either Alaska smells amazing or there is something wonderfully aromatic in this box ?
  10. β€’
    You guys, great things are happening in Alaska - this headline is a bit misleading - this Adult Porn Shop, Sleazy Spenard, is not instantly becoming an indie bookstore but rather, the new owners plan to rent it out to musicians this winter then demolish it and build their new business, The Writers' Block Bookstore and Cafe β„’ - pretty clever
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    Also, how crazy does Andrew W. K. Look in this photo?
  11. β€’
    Okay...glad I have no will power look...
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    Denali Dream Soap - it's what the locals use! 😊
  12. β€’
    Made from actual glacial silt
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    So pretty I almost don't want to use it... But I'm gonna!
  13. β€’
    Yessssss! Markers!
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    Seriously, I go through so many markets and pens at work - I like having fun ones
  14. β€’
    A book of animal Mandalas to color
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    My niece got one of these for Christmas and I was a bit jealous. Also, I've been reading about the use of Mandala (Sanskrit word which means a circle, and metaphorically a universe, environment or community) coloring pages being used in schools as a form of meditation- but I'm using these! Incredibly thoughtful! @crowleypboy
  15. β€’
    A lovely letter from Connor
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  16. β€’
    With the sentence, "Based on your lists, you seem pretty cool."
    That's right kids, I Am pretty cool!
  17. β€’
    And ... Drumroll...
    I know you're excited to know what those other two pieces of paper contained!?
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    With accompanying lists of songs and why they were selected!
  19. β€’
    I'm so excited to listen to these songs and check out the recommended videos. I'm waiting to read these thoroughly until I'm actually listening!
  20. β€’
    This is incredibly thoughtful! πŸ’“Connor, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this gift! My heart is so happy!
  21. β€’
    I hope you're finals went well and that you are enjoying your time off!
  22. β€’
    Also, I have lots of questions but I'll just do a list request to start!
  23. β€’
    Thanks again @crowleypboy
  24. β€’
    And Thanks Santa Chris, @ChrisK for organizing and arranging this exchange! YOU can expect a suggestion for your Gallery of Adult Coloring Book Pages List THE LIST APP INTERNATIONAL GALLERY OF ADULT COLORING BOOK PAGES πŸ–Ό