I don't remember the last time I participated in a Secret Santa Exchange & never in an international one! @ChrisK
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    I'm actually most excited about finding out to whom I get to send a package! 📦
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    I'm sure anything you send will be lovely but if you stumble upon this during a search for hints, here goes:
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    I love music: a mix of your faves or songs you think I might like
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    I like games (especially unique word or number puzzle type games)
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    I'd love something unique to where you live!
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    A disposable camera where you've taken 1/2 the pics of your town or favorite things or something (totally borrowed that from @rachhello )
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    I collect pint glasses from various places or with fun sayings!
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    I'm a teacher so I can never have too many fun colorful pens (I think my classroom eats them!)
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    If you're still stuck, I love winter hats or toboggans or beanies (whatever they're called where you live)
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    I'm grateful for whatever you choose to send...
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    ...I would like a handwritten list, letter, or card of some kind! 😀
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    Happy Holidays! 🌟