Inspired by @kellyk How is this list different from MY CATCHPHRASES , the list I wrote 5-ish months ago? I don't know. Let's see if my catch phrases have evolved!
  1. "Is this happening?"
  2. "Dude..."
  3. "I'd rather chew glass!"
  4. "You're pretty"
    Usually in a condescending way when someone (I know) had said something not so intelligent. It's my yankee version of "Bless Your Heart"!?
  5. "Participation Station" (or some variation such as "Collaboration Station")
    Most likely said obnoxiously to my students
  6. "Damnit Janet"
  7. "It's not a lifetime commitment"
    Usually when one or all of my students roll their eyes about a 20 minute partnership they are about to partake in.
  8. "Crap!"
  9. "What fresh hell is this?"
    Usually related to work.
  10. "Lovely"
    Usually used genuinely in the comment section of lists!