These are some I could come up with
  1. Howard and Bernadette - Papa Smurf and Smurfette
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    The Big Bang Theory
  2. Sheldon and Amy - a compromise
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    The Big Bang Theory
  3. Chandler - "the pink bunny costume his wife made him wear"
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  4. Ross - Sputnik
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  5. Peyton Sawyer - The Angel of Death
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    One Tree Hill
  6. Rory Gilmore - Gogo
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    Gilmore Girls
  7. Leslie Knope - Rosie the Riveter
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    Parks and Recreation
  8. April Ludgate - a Sumo Wrestler after he lost all the weight
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    Parks and Recreation
  9. Jim Halpert - "the popular networking site known as Bookface"
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    The Office
  10. Shirley - Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) - Community
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    Suggested by @igrec_O
  11. "The Office" - The Joker by Creed, Kevin, and Dwight
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    Suggested by @csmcgrew
  12. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted Mosby goes as a 'hanging chad' ballot. Hoping to run into the Slutty Pumpkin he met the previous Halloween but ends up meeting Katie Holmes instead 🎃
    Suggested by @angela3950