Before I turned 30, I compiled this music mix (as part of a "To Do before I turn 30 list") and recently (four years later) altered it a bit and added a few songs! Some songs were chosen because of lyrics that fit my life at that time and others for their significance in my life! 🙈 Here goes:
  1. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
    I've always liked this song despite the various interpretations of the lyrics and it was released during MY BIRTH YEAR, 1981.
  2. Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III
    I am very much my father's daughter and have most of his best qualities.
  3. Straight Up by Paula Abdul
    My younger sister and I would spend hours making up dances to this song. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play. Forever Your Girl was one of my first cassette tapes.
  4. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
    Released my sophomore year, the album Crash was the background of my high school years. The first concert I went to was a DMB concert.
  5. Lightning Crashes by LIVE
    I knew every word to every song on Throwing Copper. I remember going to a Live and Counting Crows outdoor concert and it started pouring rain right as Live started playing Lightning Crashes.
  6. DND by Semisonic
    I loved the album, Feeling Strangely Fine, and remember feeling insane butterflies when one of my high school crushes played this album during closing time when we worked at Wendy's. This was one of my favorite songs on the album.
  7. Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan
    This was one of my favorite songs by a female artist! I so wanted to go to Lilith Fair and embrace my angst!
  8. Mysterious Ways by U2
    Another boy-this one I was friends with from 3rd to 12th grade and had a crush on pretty much that entire time. I remember him singing this song on the bus. I can't hear it without thinking of him & it's a good song!
  9. 1999 by Prince
    The year I graduated high school so pretty much our anthem!
  10. Here's to the Night by Eve 6
    This song was popular my freshman year of college. I remember singing along with the lyrics and believing every word I was tipsily singing.
  11. Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward
    Sigh! A boy that I had a sort of relationship with loved this band. This was the first and last time I really tried to like a band because a boy I liked did. However, I did end up liking this song and still like to rock out(rage out) to it while driving once in a while.
  12. Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.
    Our favorite song to request from DJs and dance to in college, at parties, and then years later at weddings
  13. American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    A jukebox favorite in college
  14. Time Won't Let Me Go by The Bravery
    When I first heard this song I found the lyrics so relatable - a bit of a self doubt phase. I still sometimes enjoy the melancholy theme and sound of this song.
  15. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
    Pretty self explanatory and how I was feeling in my late 20s.
  16. Fair by Remy Zero
    The song playing during one of favorite scenes on one of my favorite movies, Garden State. I sometimes daydream that this is the song playing when I run slow motion into someone's arms. Right now that person is faceless, kind of an idea.
  17. Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers
    Just really like this song - I'd like to think Cary Brothers wrote it with me in mind, even though we've never met!
  18. Belong by Joshua Radin
    I feel like the lyrics of this song encompass what I've been working on getting myself to believe for the past few years and finally DO! It's a lovely feeling, one I feel every time I listen to this song.
  19. Where Is My Mind? By Trampled by Turtles (cover of original by The Pixies)
    Sometimes I feel that I'm slowly losing my mind but in a silly way or that I'm floating through life, relying on muscle memory and day to day monotony. There are many interpretations of this song out there but that's mine. I like this cover and have a vivid memory of happily dancing in the rain to this song performed live by Trampled by Turtles.
  20. Note: This is so amazingly odd, weird & why I won't give up on this App! I've had this in my drafts for about a month and was thinking of posting it now that I feel safe here & don't mind being a teensy bit vulnerable! Look what @HisDudeness requested just a few minutes ago! I both laughed AND almost cried Speech Therapy, Vol. Ii
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