1. Binge watching a new release
    OITNB Season 5 was fantastic!
  2. Using Starbucks gift cards
  3. Taking required surveys that do not include open-ended response
    Lots of these for work
  4. Paying monthly bills
    I like to have it all taken out as soon as possible so I can enjoy what's left.
  5. Getting prescriptions refilled
  6. Checking my bank account online on the last work day of the month
  7. Buying stuff online, using the excuse that it supports a worthy cause. They really do support various legit organizations but so far I've bought 5 t-shirts, a tote bag, 4 Pura Vida® bracelets, and a mug.
  8. Watching a new DVD season I just got delivered from Amazon. Yes, I still do that!
    Currently waiting on Big Bang Theory season 10 & GIRLS season 6
  9. Killing an insect that has the misfortune of entering my home. Sorry creature, I'm already planning your death!