Inspired by @elruff & @classyAF
  1. Going to Disneyland (obviously)
  2. Children's musical and theater performances
  3. Harry Potter, Twilight, Etc.
    I haven't been interested yet, it's not going to happen!
  4. Book clubs
    Always pick the lamest books and just talk about their kids!
  5. Also, High School Reunions (@elruff )
    I said ✌🏼and never looked back (I do wonder how my grade school & high school friend/crush is but he wouldn't go to a reunion)
  6. Contra Dancing (It's a thing here!)
    After it was explained to me the first time, my response was, "You want me to touch sweaty strangers...Sober?"
  7. Participating in "White Elephant" Gift Exchange at holiday parties
    Why? Why are people still doing this?
  8. Bridal Showers
    The bachelorette parties I can get on board with but the bridal showers
  9. Music Festivals
    Camping, no showering, young drunk kids - That ship has sailed
  10. Christmas Shopping
    Amazon all the way!
  11. Also, sororities (@classyAF )
    Never had the desire in college and don't feel I missed anything - still went to plenty of themed parties and got plenty drunk
  12. Presidential Debates
    I watched the convention coverage this summer & the first debate. It physically made me angry and stressed me out!
  13. Dry Weddings
    Sorry, I need some booze with my Weddings!