(Perhaps some fellow teachers will appreciate - also SHOUT OUT TO YOU for all you do) To be fair I decided to work 1/2 day but thus far I have:
  1. Eaten the lunch that I brought
  2. Paced around my room mentally thinking of what I need to do
    I'm a great teacher; highly motivated and take initiative and build strong classroom community BUT on workdays I'm useless and take like 3 hours to get motivated.
  3. Paced around my colleague's room asking her some random work related questions
    Remember that form we had to fill out last year about ___________? We're going to pretend we forgot about it right? Ask forgiveness rather than permission
  4. Filled out some forms that I need for conferences I have scheduled this week
    Sadly, teaching has become quite a bit of form filling out
  5. Sent some emails
    Reminder Math Team Meeting tomorrow- Bring _____________ - also in teaching, lots of meetings
  6. Stopped to write out a paper list
    Things to do Today, Things to do by end of day Tomorrow, Things to do to prep for Substitute so I can go to a Mandatory Professional Development training (I'd share but it'd put you instantly to sleep)
  7. Drank some Diet Coke
  8. Wondered to myself....
    Will anyone actually read this? If so will they relate or think I'm bat crap crazy? Wow I wrote a list just to procrastinate 🙈
  9. Update: walked up to the office to fill out a form (shocking)
  10. Update: looked at clock and saw I have an hour until I leave followed by stressful hours of thinking of all of the things I need to do tomorrow 🙄