Title pretty much states the obvious. I've been compiling this list for awhile
  1. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (picked it up from the library today for winter break reading even though I have other unread books BOOKS ON MY SHELF I SHOULD READ BEFORE BUYING NEW ONES )
  2. The origin of Trap Music
  3. My state senator's position on the Gun Control Bill
  4. How women's roles in the military have changed over time
  5. How Amazon is effecting local bookstores & how they treat their employees and consumers
  6. Going Clear by Lawrence Wright
  7. Babeland.com - did some wish listing
  8. What has happened over time that has caused society to teach women to be ashamed of their bodies and why is it still happening? Why are there these extreme double standards? How can I impact this as an educator?
  9. Watched/read the speech that Robert Kennedy delivered in Indianapolis after Martin L. King was assassinated.
  10. Matt Duke
  11. If they make Nutella crepes, what other kinds of crepes could I find in Paris?
  12. The significance and history of dreidels and other Chanukah traditions
  13. How underrated Iceland is and adding it to my places I'd like to visit list! MY FAVOURITE ICELANDIC PROVERBS
  14. And sooooo much more! 💙