She's 5, he's 3
  1. "Auntie don't be scared. You shouldn't be scared of people. People won't hurt you."
    When I flinched or braced myself Everytime she came charging at me in full speed.
  2. "34 is NOT old, Auntie Katie"
    In response to her mom, my sister, saying I was old when we were discussing sibling ages.
  3. "It's okay Auntie, Again"
    Again....Auntie dropped or messed something up!
  4. "Actually, I don't want to"
    In response to, "let's go try to go potty." We should all say this more often but not in regards to using the potty!
  5. "It's cake time!"
    My nephew said this, well, when he wanted some cake!
  6. "Why is his family so mean?"
    When watching the beginning of Home Alone.
  7. The voices of reason!
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