I teach 24 5th graders all subjects
  1. "Wait a minute"
    In response to me saying, "Stop!" Me: "Sense the tone!"
  2. "My voice is not feeling good."
    Yeah, it's cracking kiddo!
  3. "I'm pretty sure the illuminati is coming!"
    With this lovely illustration
  4. "Cool, if the power goes out we can get out our devices (laptops) to use as a light source." (when the power was kicking on & off)
    "Um, we have windows and it's daylight!"
  5. "You girls have eggs, you're birds! Haha!"
    A male student to a female student after they attended their separate "puberty classes"
  6. "Chuck Norris had a staring contest with the sun and won!"
    Me: "What? Do you even know who Chuck Norris is?" Student: "Yeah, he's the roundhouse guy." I guess the Chuck Norris jokes have finally made it to the suburbs of WNC?