Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. People who move the 1/2 gallon milk cartons at the grocery store so they can get to one of the ones in the back that has a later expiration date
  2. People who walk fast around people with their kids and strollers like they've got some place to be
  3. People who watch and enjoy The Big Bang Theory
  4. People who you can hear hawk up phlegm in public
  5. People who interrupt 😬
  6. People who stand in the wine or beer section of the store weighing their options
  7. People who greet you with a wave at best when you cheerfully greet them with a "Good Morning" first thing in the morning
  8. People who walk by someone smoking outside a store entrance and wave their hands in an exaggerated manner
  9. Come at me bro!
  10. People who overuse the *shruggie* symbol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯