1. How is it possible
  2. That after everything I've accomplished
  3. All the growth I've made,
  4. All of the confidence I've gained,
  5. You can casually say a few words
  6. (In the middle of a conversation)
  7. That instantly send me back in time 20 years
  8. To become that lonely 17 year old girl,
  9. Sitting on her bed,
  10. Crying,
  11. Wondering why no one, especially you,
  12. Understands her?
  13. How is this possible?
  14. I'll take care of that girl.
  15. She'll be fine!
  16. But I won't bother trying to explain her,
  17. Trying to explain the impact of your words,
  18. Because you don't want to understand,
  19. You just stay in your bubble!
  20. But your words,