Although I'm 34, I rarely actually feel like a grown up (which I'm learning to appreciate more and more) These are some of times when I DO feel like a grown up:
  1. When I buy an entire book of stamps
  2. When I'm in bed by 10pm
  3. When I get summoned for Jury Duty
    Also, on Things That Are a Pain in the Ass
  4. When I spent Saturday getting a flu shot and going into the mall for underwear on the last day of the 7/27.50 sale day
    Neither of these things are appealing to me but I did them because I needed too!
  5. When I schedule dental and eye appointments when I'm actually due for them!
  6. When I paid off my cars
    Oh Winston, we're stuck together now!
  7. When I give advice to tweens (and they listen)
  8. When I catch myself saying things like, "back in my day..." Or "when I was a kid, we would never have..."
  9. When I do "above and beyond" chores like cleaning the burner drip pans, clean behind furniture, wipe down baseboards
  10. When I cook a meal with all food groups represented
  11. As I've written this list, I thought about making it open for suggestions but realized that "being a grown up" means so many different things to different people in different places at different points in their lives!