No, I'm not at the beach. I'm driving, which usually results in my mind wandering. I'm a "worrier" and have been since I was a kid. I've read all the quotes ("Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strengths", etc.) But, I'm human and sometimes I worry. I imagine many of you do as well!
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    So, just for a few minutes, I'm going to take some deep breaths and imagine my worries washing away. (Inspired by @thebestSR 🎈)
    Try it! Drop your worries here, take a deep breath, and imagine them washing away. Perhaps it will provide you with a few seconds, minutes, miles, or even hours of peace!
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    I'm worried I'm losing the passion I once had for teaching.
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    I'm worried I'm not good enough.
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    I'm worried about my sister.
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    Drop your worries below!
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    I'm worried I'll never find the right job to be able to go back to work.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
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    A worry I would like to wash away is that situations will actually never change and that its a lie to believe that this chapter in life(being single, living in Cali, dealing w old habits) will change because I'm working hard at it.
    Thanks for this Kate, I needed it today😘☺️
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
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    Now that I've lost the one thing you're never supposed to lose, my daughter, I worry ALL THE TIME about losing someone else. I was never a worrier before. It's hard. My sister has always been the worrier in the family and I was the "you can't control it, let it go" girl. That quote is one of my faves, btwπŸ˜’πŸ’—
    Suggested by @cvlop61
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    I'm worried about my pay gap next month and how I'm going to pay my bills. I'm worried I'll never actually get to be what I want in life (or even actually figure out what I want to be). I'm worried I'm stuck.
    Suggested by @supercommonname
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    I'm worried that I'll be unwillingly uncoupled from my current job.
    And with 4 mouths to feed, I very much would like to be excluded from this narrative.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
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    I'm worried my anxiety will get worse and won't be able to take meds (because of my recovery) worried I'll never find a good permanent job, never find a job in which I can write (my only real skill), worried I'll never be in a relationship again, worried I'll never finish my big lists/LRs, and so many more worries . . .
    The waves were very soothing. Thanks for the list, @kate81 !
    Suggested by @roche
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    I thought about this a while. Everything seems dramatic sounding, but it's the closest to the truth. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
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    First day of school is tomorrow. That's enough for itself. But since it's a new job I am working for free until August 31. + husband is working on his 2nd CPA exam.
    Suggested by @k8zinker
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    I'm worried I will fail in life.
    Suggested by @eetak
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    I'm worried my life will be meaningless and that I'm not making any positive difference. I'm worried that maybe my purpose is to be a bad person... because the world needa those too... but I don't eant to be one of those. πŸ˜”
    Suggested by @kahht