Inspired by @ladyprofessor
  1. My white hoodie
    I hope some other college student enjoyed it after that party!
  2. Silly Bands
    What ever happened to this fad? There were so many of them, EVERYWHERE! Now they're just gone. Is there a silly band landfill somewhere?
  3. My Requiem for a Dream DVD
    Oh I know where it is! I loaned it to my brother who loaned it to his irresponsible friend ~12 years ago and I'M NEVER GETTING IT BACK! 😕
  4. My middle school crush
    I've tried googling him but he had such a common name, he can't be found. I genuinely wonder what he's doing.
  5. The characters in those shows that were canceled mid-season
    Like the show Reunion. I need to know who the murderer was. WE NEVER GOT THE TRUTH!
  6. Yielding to emergency vehicles
    When did people just stop doing this?
  7. Those sunglasses that fell off in the ocean years ago
    Did they wash ashore and some other human is enjoying them? Did a sea creature make a meal out of them? Is a sea creature wearing them?