Alright @nathanveshecco , instead of just saying ditto to every other list, I'll do my best to answer in a creative way in case you are gathering data and conducting some sort of study (I kind of hope you are)!
  1. Mixes or Playlists can be made for any occasion or mood.
    I have made so many mixes for myself and others I couldn't name them all if I had to! I have playlists for almost every occasion. Music can be categorized and organized in so many ways!
  2. Unknown Artists and Songs
    There are so many songs and artists I've never heard or even know exist. Thinking about how many new songs I will discover and enjoy in the future makes me 💓
  3. Skill & Passion
    When I think about the incredible talent it takes to learn to play an instrument (I played the clarinet in middle school & it was challenging and awful) or write lyrics I am impressed. Then I hear about and watch people who can write powerful music and lyrics, play multiple instruments, be vulnerable enough to share it with others AND do it all simultaneously- Mind Blowing!
  4. Instantaneously brings back a memory or feeling associated with a time I heard the song or saw the band or artist.
    Sometimes it's butterflies, sometimes it's laughter or a smile, sometimes it's a wave of sadness, and sometimes it's a punch in the gut
  5. Concerts and shows are my happy place!
    Seeing and hearing live music makes me feel that rare feeling "that everything is going to be okay!" Knowing everyone else in the venue with you is experiencing hearing those same songs, at the same time, at the same place is a pretty special thing!