I'm not exactly sure what this list is about but as I was doing the first leg of my drive back from OH to NC I felt a fleeting feeling I sometimes feel, a sense that everything will be okay and I am great! When I get this feeling I usually breathe into it, capture a picture of that moment and be very present. The thing is...
  1. Usually these moments come when I am traveling somewhere new, seeing or doing something for the first time, or listening to LIVE music.
  2. This time I experienced this feeling
  3. While driving on 77S in West Virginia,
    Which I've probably done about 30 times in my life
  4. Under a thick, grey, stratus cloud,
    Which has now completely turned into a rain cloud
  5. Watching the exterior temperature drop,
    At least according to my car
  6. Listening to a melancholy sounding album (Trouble Will Find Me by The National),
    I like this album but it is not my favorite or by any means upbeat
  7. With drivers who are underusing their turn signals and overusing their brakes.
  8. Yet, I still experienced this feeling, which as it always does, is fading.
    Partially because, part of me Is itching to get out of this gas station parking lot and complete the last leg of my trip!
  9. But I'm still left wondering...
  10. What Is Going On?