Inspired by @estherlimtf 🚨Warning: you're about to see just how dorktastic™ I am!
  1. I took my "Teacher bag" to go to the library to meet my new tutoree (middle school math) and realized what a disaster and home of random crap the inside of my bag was!
    Also, I'm actually excited to be tutoring because it gets me out of my apartment earlier on Saturdays otherwise I'd sleep until noon, this girl needs side bank(travel bug is hitting me hard), and I genuinely love math-teaching it, researching it, and working with a kid one on one to help them "get it"!
  2. My Bag
    Big and durable (this isn't the time, Josh)
  3. Stuff for tutoring
    Color coordination only partially accidental
  4. Because I'm a pharmacy
    Never want to be stuck in the middle of a rough day with sinus pain
  5. My cute wallet
    I don't take a purse to school
  6. Ridiculous random teacher supplies
  7. Stuff from a pocket
    There's that flashy I uploaded onto my external hard drive a few months ago - was wondering where it went ?! I can't explain all the safety pins. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Mandatory "must be displayed at all times" work badge 🙄
  9. Loose school-wide positive behavior system tickets
    These go through the washer and dryer all the time!
  10. Ear buds and case
    Thou shall not be stuck listening through paper thin walls to a loud teacher having a parent teacher conference whilst trying to get stuff done!
  11. Girlie Junk
  12. An apparently, quite old bag of decimal cards 🤔
  13. My iPad 2 which I still love and use a lot!
  14. You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella...
  15. Pencil Case I acquired in Japan
  16. It's probably one of my favorite things ever!
    I love sharpened pencils, highlighters, sharpies, my stylus, etc. Told ya I was dorktastic™
  17. Work key ring
  18. And........These cookies that I picked up on the way home!
    I thought I missed my window this year! Freezer time!
  19. And now I get to like ❤️ this list because @ChrisK said so!