What Should I Do With All of These Smarties®?

So, y'all helped me solve the Bandana Problem™ What Should I Do With All of These Bandanas? Next up, Smarties®! 🔹A little background: As a teacher, I rarely get gifts. Most of my students and their families can't afford them which is totally understandable and I appreciate even a note. This year I did receive a gift:
  1. One very sweet student gave me this!
    (Sangria for 1 🙋🏼)
  2. It was filled with some lemonade packets and other summery stuff AND all of these Smarties® because I "helped make her so smart"! (I didn't make her smart. She is smart and has GRIT!)
  3. So, what do I do with all of these Smarties®?
    Notice the bandana as a lovely background?
  4. I could eat all of them!
  5. I could leave them at the door of one of my neighbors who is always smoking weed which sometimes leaves my apartment smelling...
  6. I could create some sort of art piece!
  7. Seriously, what do I do with all of these Smarties®?
    As always, clever and smartass suggestions welcome!
  8. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
  9. Art.
    You know, divide up all the packages into colors and get to gluing.
    Suggested by   @jaidub
    Suggested by   @siddharthainc
  11. Dissolve them in vodka and then give out as gifts. Or drink yourself.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  12. Summer wreath
    I'd be tempted to pull one off every time I come home from work though.
    Suggested by   @marginally_amazing
  13. Candy Leis
    Because I love smarties and fashion at the same time. 😉
    Suggested by   @marginally_amazing
  14. Save for Halloween?
    Eat them now!!
    Suggested by   @andersun
  15. Use a marshmallow shooter to shoot them at the neighbor guy who smokes weed.
    Or the first few weeks of school to let the kids know you mean bidness.
    Suggested by   @k8zinker
  16. I'm Canadian. I hear smarties and I think of these which I would use to make cookies after I had eaten too many.
    Suggested by   @solitarygigi
  17. I once helped in a classroom of 3rd graders. Once a week the teacher went around and asked questions about what they'd learned all week. Whenever a student answered a question right she tossed them a roll of Smarties and said "Nice job, you smarty!" And she kept asking questions until every kid got a roll. What fun!
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  18. They're top 8 allergen free so I use them in my classroom a lot. I give them out one at a time (not a whole roll) when their engagement needs a boost, for thoughtful answers, or for the one kid who actually picked the paper off the floor instead of stepping over it. ☺️
    Suggested by   @kates08
  19. Just adding this because it looks like someone who ate too many smarties and now needs a hit to chill out and counteract the effects of all that sugar
    But for real team up with your neighbor. One evening with him and the two of you would kill that whole pile of candy
    Suggested by   @zacHL
  20. Smarties are my absolute favorite candy. I think you need to send me some with some bandana's you promised.;D
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel