1. Well, I've got provisions so I may have a bit of a headache but my anxiety is ⬆️
  2. Seriously though, this election has been the most tense during my lifetime (35 years).
  3. I know that, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election:
  4. 1. This is not the apocalypse.
  5. 2. Some of my students' parents will not be sent back to Mexico and trapped by a wall.
  6. 3. Guns will not be taken away from everyone.
  7. 4. We won't all have to move to Canada.
    (Though I did enjoy it there very much)
  8. 5. Mickey Mouse will not be our president even if enough people write him in.
  9. These are just some of the quotes I've heard from kids 10 years old and younger.
  10. Either way, tomorrow is going to be interesting. I teach in a rural town outside of Asheville city limits. I occasionally see confederate flags. It is also home of a very liberal college. I'm sure both presidential candidates were selected on the ballots.
  11. Although we have MANY other important races, specifically governor, the one these kids will be focused on is the presidential election.
  12. I'm going to try to focus on the fact that history was made, regardless of the outcome and that this is how our democratic process works.
  13. Honestly, it's hard for me to remain unbiased in conversations.
  14. Eight years ago, I bought these newspapers to show future classes.
  15. I hope to be able to buy some with a female presidential election winner on the front page tomorrow morning.
  16. Regardless, I will do my best to remain neutral in my comments and model tolerance.
  17. OR maybe I'll just get a sub!?
  18. Just Kidding! I got this...